February saw the launch of, Illva Saronno Holding’s new recruiting platform: namely, a specific website for putting the companies comprising it in contact with ideal job candidates; and, as such, the perfect tool for finding and selecting future talents and offering concrete professional career growth opportunities at these same world-class businesses. The project can, moreover, count on close collaboration with leading Italian universities, so as to create a dedicated career path program open to top students (Illva Careers Path). Within this sphere, last March 18th marked the first Talent Live Day, an Illva Saronno get-together event featuring the virtual presence of more than 90 select participants.

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Our wines are getting more and more press coverage! Thanks to collaboration with U.S. journalist Aly Walansky, Passo delle Mule 2018 made it into the Forbes article titled “10 Great Wines to Transition from Winter to Spring.” Meanwhile, the Italian Forbes mag listed Duca di Salaparuta among Italy’s 100 best businesses in 2021.

Again in the U.S., both Corvo and Duca di Salaparuta were mentioned in THE DAILY HERALD articleIn a search for something new, turn to the wines of Sicily.”

  • Journalist Mary Ross describes Corvo as one of the bestselling Italian wines in America. The same holds for Irmàna, present in THE HYPE MAGAZINE’S article “20 Interesting Wine-Related Discoveries For February 2021.”  
  • Prominent press coverage bears witness to the increasing popularity of our wines on an international scale. 


Back in Europe, our Calanìca Rosé wine got 89 points in the BEST BUY category of FALSTAFF – the go-to magazine for German language markets. 

Similarly, our Kados 2019 and Bianca di Valguarnera 2016 wines are winning VINUM, one of Europe’s leading German language mags in the Food&Wine sector, with wide circulations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, gave them an excellent 16/20 point rating in the Guide to Sicilian Whites. It’s a recognition that enhances the prize list of Duca di Salaparuta’s prestigious white wines, all which boast a longstanding tradition. Aged in oak barriques, Bianca di Valguarnera stands out for its intense bouquet and nuance rich flavor, surprisingly fresh on the palate; by contrast, Kados reflects the features of an intense, savory white with floral and citrus scents, full flavor and velvety finish. Available for purchase online at


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