DONNA FRANCA: PROTAGONIST OF “I MAESTRI DELL’ECCELLENZA” The Sicilian label wins raves from critics and public

Wines with a strong and noble personality exert great appeal among critics and public alike. And Donna Franca surely fits the bill.

The Sicilian label is in fact one of the protagonists of the Civiltà del Bere magazine’s special annual “I Maestri dell’Eccellenza” issue. And this is quite an honor, for selection is very limited. The names appearing in the issue are determined on the basis of the evaluations in the last three years of Italy’s eight principal wine guides. Only wineries which during that span of time have earned top grades re one of their products on the part of at least three of the guides can enter the “I Maestri dell’Eccellenza” issue.

So it’s an impressive result for Donna Franca, one that contributes to having Italian wine lovers become familiar with and appreciate all the more the quality of this magnificent marsala.

Let’s take a look at 2020 market data relative to marsala sales: Florio, the winery that produces Donna Franca, reasserts its role as one of the two market leaders, standing out for a medium-high positioning. This is a reflection both of the new “Marsala Superiore” caption on the label and of record growth for the winery in the marsala category.

Donna Franca’s noteworthy performance depends also on recent rave reviews from critics. They describe the marsala as a fine product with a distinctive character that will contribute more and more to Florio brand growth, leading more and more people to discover the evocative personality of this quality marsala.



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