The evocative images of Italy’s legendary Dolce Vita defining the Disaronno Originale commercial which graced TV screens a few months ago resurface in a new episode of the international communication campaign now featuring the brand’s luscious Disaronno Velvet liqueur.

Against the timeless backdrop of Rome, on a magnificent terrace overlooking the Eternal City, a couple is about to enjoy the new Disaronno Velvet and as on any afternoon in classic Roman Dolce Vita mode the paparazzi are all set to immortalize the moment. Snapping shots in quick succession, they capture the scene from diverse angles. However, the spotlight is clearly and solely on the iconic bottle holding Disaronno Velvet. The commercial is scheduled to appear on major television channels in the U.K., the U.S.A., Holland, Belgium and Italy. It’s also available on all of Disaronno’s digital platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram)

So, a year after the product’s market debut Disaronno is celebrating what has become a huge international hit. Launched in 2020 in 18 countries, Disaronno Velvet has surpassed the 120,000 standard cases mark, equivalent to 1 million liters of the liqueur sold.

liters sold

In confirmation of this amazing appreciation on the part of the public, in Italy Disaronno Velvet earned the prestigious title of “Product of the Year 2021” in the spirits category. It’s an honor — a Prize for Innovation — given to new products presented on the Italian market. In the various categories the winners were chosen on the basis of a market research conducted by IRI on a sampling of 12,000 consumers.

In accepting the award, Luca Picotti, Global Marketing Director Spirits at Illva Saronno, commented: 
We are truly proud of this honor and we thank the consumers who decided to reward our Disaronno Velvet. It’s not simply a cream liqueur. Rather, it’s an innovative product deriving from a balance between constant innovation research and a deep bond with our origins. It’s an answer to the new trends and to changes in the sector: a fresh product, a light liqueur most of all, that offers a new drinking experience all while preserving the distinctive taste of Disaronno Originale.”

The total white version of the iconic Disaronno bottle with signature square top leaves no doubts: this product is an expression of the unmistakable Made in Italy style and of the tradition of a brand that stays in step with the times, pursuing continual renewal without ever losing its distinctive features, recognizable across the globe.



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