SOCIAL MEDIA TOAST FLORIO AND DUCA DI SALAPARUTA & CORVO: Distinct brand accounts on Facebook and Instagram

The wine world keeps evolving in digital form. Not coincidentally, storied brands with a strong innovative spirit like Florio Cellars and Duca di Salaparuta & Corvo have recently invested in expanding their presence online. In particular, each of these two wineries launched dedicated Facebook and Instagram pages so as to offer specific information, all the latest product news.

These new social media channels will represent an even more direct way for these brands to connect with fans and connoisseurs; yet also to spark the interest of other people across the globe who love Italian wine and want to learn more about some of its most iconic and representative expressions by going straight to the source. 

Making the most of Facebook’s and Instagram’s different types of content publication modalities, each brand talks about the philosophy behind its labels through images, videos and stories, presenting ever up to date info on new product launches, honors and awards, as well as advance previews of future projects. The brands also have the chance to interact with users through their comments and messages, so offering them an all the more personalized (customer) experience. 

Thanks to the separate social media channels, there will be double space for communicating Duca.Store promotional activities, heightening brand visibility and marketing opportunities.

So, for Florio Cellars and Duca di Salaparuta & Corvo the new Facebook and Instagram pages represent a further means, ever engaging and versatile, of showcasing their wines and conveying all the wealth of a great tradition, making optimal use of the potential of online channels. We invite you to start following our wine brands now:

• Duca di Salaparuta & Corvo
• Cantine Florio

• Duca di Salaparuta & Corvo
• Cantine Florio



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